Founder, Twin Fish Enterprises, LLC ~ Boulder, Colorado


Summary of Skills

  • Meticulous researcher and analyst with strong computing, technology, and writing skills
  • Scientist by training with a focus on environmental and public health data management and analysis, and IT project management
  • Select Languages: R, Bash/Shell, SQL, Python
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Query-building (SQL) and Database Management (Acess and Excel)
  • Integration of Open Source Technologies (Linux)
  • Production of Graphs, Charts, and Tables for Reports
  • Document Management and Version Control (Git, Hg)
  • Technical and Scientific Report Writing
  • HTML-based Presentation Creation
  • Website Authoring and Management (HTML, CSS, WordPress)
  • Training and Instructional Design Support
  • Dependable self-starter with exceptional technical, analytical, and organizational skills
  • Based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Remote/telecommute preferred.

    Scientist - Data Management Specialist, AECOM Inc., Jan 2015 to Present

  • Provide data management and quantitative analysis of environmental chemical pollutants in groundwater, soil, sediment, and vapor for environmental investigations and remediation operations
  • Perform verification and validation of organic and inorganic analytical chemistry data against established criteria set by federal, state, and local environmental regulatory agencies
  • Projects include Superfund remediation, NEPA/EIS, energy, mining, U.S. DoD military operations, power transmission, and transportation for private and public sectors
  • Manage, access, and mine enterprise-level databases (e.g., EQuIS, ERPIMs)
  • Provide data deliverables, technical reports, and report-writing support by generating appropriate graphs, charts, and tables
  • Software and Languages: EarthSoft EQuIS, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Server, R, Python
  • Analyst/Founder, Twin Fish Enterprises LLC, 2014 to Present

  • Information and Data Management
  • W-2, 1099, Freelance, Contract
  • Based in Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Project Information Coordination Specialist, John Muir Institute for the Environment, UC Davis, Sept 2010 – May 31, 2012

  • SBX2 1, CA Nitrate in Groundwater Project, Report to Legislature for SWRCB, Principal Investigator Dr. Thomas Harter
  • Coordinated communications and information flow among principal investigators and researchers at UC Davis, the CA State and Regional Water Boards, the CA Dept of Public Health, and public stakeholders; performed a variety of project management tasks, including scientific writing, editing and formatting, meeting organization, software and hardware maintenance and troubleshooting, and data and information management.
  • PISCES Project, Principal Investigator Dr. Joshua Viers (for United States Forest Service)
  • Supervised student web designer and student programmer in developing backend framework for project website using Drupal CMS
  • Center for Watershed Sciences, Social Media and Blog Management (beginning August 2011)
  • Managed content publication on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress blog (CA WaterBlog)

    EML Tutoring and Educational Services, 2008 – 2010

    Provided tutoring and educational services in biological and physiological sciences to undergraduate students in Boulder/Denver area, and to remote students via Skype.

    Environmental Physiologist-Endocrine Disruption, Doctoral-level Research Associate, CU Boulder, 2002-2008

    Lab Work:
  • Fish husbandry, in vitro tissue culture (testis, liver), immunohistochemistry, ELISA's, vertebrate histology
  • Field Work:
  • Collection and processing of White Suckers and Brown Trout from Boulder Creek to investigate reproductive disruption in response to estrogenic chemicals present in wastewater effluent discharge
  • Collection and processing of Kokanee Salmon at the Roaring Judy and Glenwood Springs hatcheries for analysis of reproductive (i.e., spawning/non-spawning), neurobiological, and endocrine profiles
  • Collection and processing of Brown Trout in the Eagle River for analysis of stress profiles in response to metal contamination (e.g., cadmium and zinc)
  • Research Assistant, 2003-2006

    Project: "Reproductive Disruption in Colorado Fishes", CU Boulder/EPA Region 8

    Histology Technician, 2003

    Project: "Reproductive Disruption in Colorado Fishes, Preliminary Survey", CU Boulder, CO Watershed Network

    Biologist-Endocrine Disruption, Master's-level Graduate Researcher, 2000-2002

    Lab Work:
  • Axolotl husbandry (embryos, juveniles), anatomical clearing and staining, morphometrics, vertebrate histology
  • Environmental Engineering Technician, MD Environmental, Inc., Chino, CA, 1997-1998

    Monitored regulatory compliance of air and water contaminant discharges from permitted commercial entities in Southern California, and prepared annual emissions reports for submittal to local and state regulatory agencies.

    Soccer Coaching and Private Training, 1993-1997

    Assistant Coach, Women's Varsity Soccer, Mt. San Antonio College, 1993 – 1996
    Assistant Coach, Girls' Varsity Soccer, Bishop Amat High School, 1993
    Goalkeeper Coach, Boys' Junior Varsity, Chino High School, 1993
    Private Goalkeeper Coach, 1993 – 1997

    Assistant Manager/Cashier, Video World, Chino, CA, 1989-1993

    Cashier, later promoted to Assistant Manager, at a local independent video rental store.


    DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, Endocrine Disruption, Dept. of Integrative Physiology, 2008

    Dissertation title: "in vitro assessment of estrogenicity in wastewater treatment plant effluents using cultured liver and testis from fathead minnow"
    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. David O. Norris, Laboratory of Environmental and Comparative Endocrinology

    MASTER OF ARTS, Endocrine Disruption, Dept. of Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology, 2002

    Thesis title: "The actions of methoprene acid on a developing urodele, Ambystoma mexicanum"
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. David O. Norris, Laboratory of Environmental and Comparative Endocrinology

    BACHELOR OF ARTS, Environmental Studies, 1996

    Advisor: Dr. Sheldon Kamieniecki, Environmental Studies, Political Science
    Extracurricular: Student Athlete, Women's Varsity Soccer Team, 1994-95

    ASSOCIATE OF ARTS, Arts and Sciences, 1994

    MOUNT SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE, Walnut, California
    Mentor: Debbie Cavion, Varsity Women's Soccer Coach
    Extracurricular: Student Athlete, Women's Varsity Soccer Team, 1991-92


    Operating Systems
    GNU/Linux, UNIX-like (e.g., Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian)
    Microsoft Windows
    Mac OS
    Office Applications
    Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs
    Programming and Markup Languages
    HTML, CSS, SQL, R, Bash, IPython Notebook, Python (self-directed learning of Python development in progress)
    Distributed Revision Control Systems (document and source code management)
    Mercurial/Bitbucket, Git/Github
    Statistical Software
    RStudio, SPSS, JMP
    Mapping Applications
    QGIS, ArcGIS, Google Earth
    Cloud Applications
    Amazon Web Services (Elastic Compute Cloud-EC2, Simple Storage Service-S3)
    Google: Google Apps Administration, Google Communication and Collaboration Services
    Content Management Systems
    SharePoint(enterprise-level), Drupal, WordPress


    • Tissue Culture, Histotechnology and Immunocytochemistry
    • Design and Execution of Research Studies
    • Project Coordination and Management
    • Research Proposal and Grant Preparation
    • Scientific and Technical Report Preparation
    • Field Sampling and Wildlife Surveys (Fish, Amphibians)
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis
    • Morphometric Analysis
    • Website Authoring and Management(HTML, CSS, WordPress, Drupal)
    • Open Source Software and Systems
    • Unix Tools and Utilities/Command Line Operations


    Mapping Data with Open Source Tools (QGIS), Knight Digital Media Center, UC Berkeley, July 2012
    Hands-on instruction focused on the application of standard GIS concepts and tools to build layered maps and visualizations of publicly available map files and tabular data using primarily free and open source software.
    GIS for Resource Managers and Professionals, UC Davis Extension, July 2011
    Hands-on instruction to gain basic working knowledge of concepts, systems, data sources, and implementation of GIS using the ArcGIS software package.
    Mozilla OpenEduCourse: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Education/EduCourse, April-May 2009
    Online synchronous workshop to discuss, design, and promote open access tools for implementation in education and instruction.


    Online Faculty, Colorado State University-Global Campus
    Data and Decisions: Numbers in Everyday Life (Quantitative Reasoning; Spring 2009)
    Laboratory Instructor, University of Colorado at Boulder (1998-2007)
    Human Anatomy (10 semesters)
    Human Physiology (3 semesters)
    Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (1 semester)
    Evolutionary Biology (1 semester)
    General Biology (2 semesters)


  • Viers, J.H., Liptzin, D., Rosenstock, T.S., Jensen, V.B., Hollander, A.D., McNally, A., King, A.M., Kourakos, G., Lopez, E.M., De La Mora, N., Fryjoff-Hung, A., Dzurella, K.N., Canada, H.E., Laybourne, S., McKenney, C., Darby, J., Quinn, J.F. & Harter, T. 2012. Nitrogen Sources and Loading to Groundwater. Technical Report 2 in: Addressing Nitrate in California’s Drinking Water with a Focus on Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley Groundwater. Report for the State Water Resources Control Board Report to the Legislature. Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California, Davis. http://groundwaternitrate.ucdavis.edu.
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  • Vajda, A.M., Barber, L.B., Gray, J., Lopez, E.M., Woodling, J.D., Norris, D.O. 2008. Reproductive disruption in fish downstream from an estrogenic wastewater effluent. Environ Sci Technol: 42(9):3407-14.
  • Woodling, J.D., Lopez, E.M., Maldonado, T.A., Norris, D.O., Vajda, A.M. 2006. Intersex and other reproductive disruption of fish in wastewater effluent dominated Colorado streams. Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol: 144(1):10-5.

  • Vajda, A., Barber, L., Gray, J., Lopez, E., Woodling, J., Norris, D.O. 2005. Intersex and other forms of reproductive disruption in fishes downstram of a Colorado wastewater treatment plant effluent. In: 26th annual North American SETAC meeting abstracts.
  • Vajda, A.M., Lopez, E.M., Woodling, J.D., Maldonado, T.A., and Norris, D.O. 2005. Reproductive disruption and intersex in white suckers (Catostomus commersoni) downstream of a Colorado wastewater treatment plant. In: 2005 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting abstracts.
  • Vajda, A., Lopez, E., Woodling, J., Maldonado, T., and Norris, D.O. 2004. Intersex and reproductive disruption in white suckers (Catostomus commersoni) downstream of Colorado wastewater treatment plants. In: 25th annual North American SETAC meeting abstracts.
  • Lopez, E.M. and Norris, D.O. 2002. The actions of methoprene acid on a developing urodele. Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science: 36, 5.
  • Lopez, E.M. and Norris, D.O. 2002. Actions of methoprene acid on developmental stability in a urodele amphibian, Ambystoma mexicanum. In: 23rd annual North American SETAC meeting abstracts.
  • Lopez, E.M., and Norris, D.O. 2001. The actions of methoprene acid on a developing urodele. American Zoologist: 41, 1510.

    OpenStreetMap: http://www.openstreetmap.org
    Create and upload GPS traces, and edit map
    Ubuntu Linux: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu
    Provide assistance via internet relay chat and report bugs
    Mozilla OpenEduCourse: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Education/EduCourse
    Participant in online workshop discussing open access to teaching and learning, April-May 2009
    Ubuntu Women Project
    Participate in discussions to promote, encourage and highlight contributions of women to Ubuntu operating system
    Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGOD)
    Member since 2010


    Light Microscopy, Scientific Skills Training Course for Undergraduates, NIH-HHMI Scholars Program for Diversity in the Biosciences, 2005
    Western Regional Conference on Comparative Endocrinology, Paper, Boulder, CO, 2003
    Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Sciences Conference, Paper, Grand Junction, CO, 2002
    The Human Endocrine System, Guest Lecture, Human Anatomy Lecture Course, CU Boulder, 2003
    Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, National Meeting, Poster, Salt Lake City, UT, 2002
    Biological Morphometrics in the Classroom, Workshop for High School Teachers, CU Biological Sciences Initiative, 2002
    Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, National Meeting, Poster, Anaheim, CA, 2001
    SICB Grants-in-Aid-of-Research, 2003
    Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid-of-Research, 2003
    Graduate Student Fellowship, NIH Initiative for Minority Student Development, 2003
    Departmental Teaching Excellence Award, EPO Biology, 2002
    Beverly Sears Research Grant, CU Boulder, 2000
    University Research Fellowship, CU Boulder, 1999
    Colorado Mountain Club Research Grant, 1999
    Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, Member (2009-present)
    NSF Alliances for Graduate Education in the Professoriate (AGEP), University of Colorado at Boulder, as Graduate Student Member
    Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, Southern Regional Education Board, 2006 Conference Attendee (invitation only)
    Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB), as Graduate Student Member
    Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), as Graduate Student Member
    The Endocrine Society, as Graduate Student Member


    Available Upon Request